Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happiness (Part 2)

The following are things you do that actually makes you miserable and should be avoided if you want to be happy and fulfilled in life;

1.     Don’t say YES when you actually mean to say NO
2.     Being around frustrated and miserable people
3.     Keeping friends that don’t contribute positively to your life
4.     Not trusting in yourself and your abilities to success
5.     Not forgiving yourself of past mistakes committed
6.     Not being appreciative of what you have achieved thus far in life
7.     Cultivating the habit of complaining
8.     Not being able to see blessings in challenges in life
9.     Comparing yourself with other people
10.  Not being thankful of what you have
11.   Worrying too much about life
12.   Fear of failing
13.   Allowing others to take charge and control your life
14.   Not having the I CAN attitude
15.   Not wanting to love
16.   Not wanting to relate with others
17.   Looking down on yourself
18.   Waiting for the right time before you have fun or not having fun at all 

Please post all your comments and contributions, thanks for reading. TO BE CONTINUED IN MY NEXT POST.


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