Saturday, 4 April 2015


Time management is all about setting all your priorities for each day straight in order to achieve more success in life and your business  i.e  knowing those things to do first, others you need to do at a later time or not to do at all. Your ability to manage your time could determine the level of success you will attain in your business; this is because in business, time is everything. In view of the above, the following steps could be taken to be able to properly manage your time;

1)      Stay focused.

Avoid any form of distractions that might come along the way, don’t spend your time on things that are unimportant to you and your business.

2)      Learn to say NO

This is very important for you to get to the point you desire to get to in your business and life generally. Don't try to say yes when you know you will not be able have the time help out with people's tasks.

3)      Set your priorities according to their order of importance.

If you want to stay ahead in life and your business, it is important that you arrange your priorities according to how important they are to your life and your business.

4)      Learn to use dairy

In situation where you will have a lot to do, it is better to have a diary where you can write all the important things either personal or business that you will be doing throughout the week.

5)      Delegate

Where there is much to be done at the same time, you should be able to give out some task for others to engage themselves in thereby helping you.

6)      Change your habits

There is need for you to stay clear of all bad habits that you might be having as this is actually responsible for wasting close to 30 percent of that time you will have spent on important tasks on a daily basis.

7)      Cultivate the habit of planning

It is important to plan all your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. What this does is that it gives you an insight to knowing when you will be free, allows you to have more time for other activities and also allows you to have time for you family.

Importance of time management

1)      It leads to more successes in business.
2)      More output.
3)      It gives you more time to rest.
4)      It reduces stress and fatigue.
5)      It leads to a healthy life.
6)      Make you to be more focused.
7)      More time for your family and self too.
8)      It helps you to properly manage available resources to achieve maximum result.
9)      It helps you identify areas needing urgent attention in  your business and in your life.
10)  It helps you to properly monitor and manage your business.
11)  It helps you to plan ahead.
12)  It helps you to be able to monitor or track success in your business and life.
13)  It helps you achieve more in life.
14)  It helps to reduce distractions to the barest minimum.
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