Saturday, 25 April 2015

Advantages of being happy

1)    Makes you healthier

2)    Increases your performance at work or in business

3)    Attracts more people to you

4)    Makes you sleep well

5)    Makes you to be more focused

6)    Makes you to be less materialistic

7)    Makes you feel good

8)    Makes you to be satisfied and thankful for what you have, not being envious of others

9)    Helps you to be more friendly

10) Helps your relationships with the ones you love

11) Helps you to look good

12) Helps to strengthen friendship

13) Helps you to be an effective manager

14) Helps you to be able to properly network, helps your social behavior.

15) Helps you to be a goal getter

16) Helps you to be an achiever

17) Helps you make very good decisions

18) Helps to make you more productive

19) Helps you to have increased energy

20) Increases your live span

21) Help you have an increased self esteem

22) Increases your spirituality

23) Helps you have a positive mindset in all you do

24) Increases the level of respect people have for you

25) Helps you to improve your career

26) Helps you to be a better person than who you are now.

27) Helps you to have a better social life

28) Makes you feel young, reduces aging

29) Helps you get rid of stress

Improves you level of satisfaction.

Post your comments and additions, thank you.


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