Thursday, 2 April 2015

Self Confidence

This is simply put as believing in your abilities to succeed in all you do focusing more on your strengths, having the necessary skills and ability you need. It determines how successful your business becomes and how you recover from major setbacks in life. When you have self confidence, you will be able to succeed more in business and depend more on your abilities to succeed instead of dwelling more on obstacles or worrying too much.

Advantages of self confidence.

1)      Helps you to be willing to learn when you don’t know about something
2)      It helps to be willing to take risks in business
3)      It makes you a good business owner
4)      You will be able to relate with different clients and customers
5)      Helps you to concentrate on your strengths and also improve on your weaknesses 
6)      Helps you to achieve more
7)      You will be able to set better goals for yourself and business.
8)      You will concentrate more result even in the face of obstacles around you
9)    You will the I CAN spirit in you
10)  You will become more courageous than you have ever been

Steps to Improving self confidence

1)      Improve in the way you dress
The way you dress has a direct impact on how confident you will be. When you dress well you will feel more confident about yourself.
2)      Try to walk smartly
The way you walk also determines your level of self confidence; try to work smartly and with a little pace.
3)      Cultivate the habit of having a good posture.
The way you carry yourself says a lot about how confident you are about yourself and your ability to succeed.
4)      Always learn to motivate yourself.
5)      Always be happy, learn to put a smile on.
6)      Focus more on your skills and strengths.
7)      Always learn to speak up, without worrying about what people will say about you.
8)      Exercise more often.