Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Developing a Proactive Behaviour.

Being proactive entails a lot, apart from just trying to see into the positives in any situation thereby being able to avert problems and convert such into opportunities; it also has to do with having a foresight into the future in other to plan ahead. The following steps will be helpful in helping you to be proactive;

1)    Be organized
The has to do with being organized, knowing the things to do at specific periods, planning your time properly. Proactive people are good time managers and there are able to live a balanced life.

2)    Make a decision to always have a positive attitude
Having positive attitude to whatever you are doing and situation around you is very important too as this is a major factor that will lead to you being able proactive.

3)    Be around the right people
Never be around people that are negative minded people, these set of people most times never succeed let alone try seeing positives in situations and challenges.

4)    Try to brainstorm from time to time
Brainstorming helps you in not only generating different positive  ideas that can help you in turning challenges to opportunities to succeed but also in planning for any unforeseen circumstance or challenge.

5)    Decide on your goals and work towards achieving them
Properly examine and choose the goals you want to achieve, within a given duration and work towards achieving them.

6)    Be prepared
Always be ready for any unforeseen circumstance at any time. Make it your habit to always look into situations and plan ahead.

7)    Learn to be different in the way you do things.

8)    Never procrastinate
To all you need to do in time, learn to take the right action at the time such is needed.

9)    Flexibility is key
When you need to plan for unforeseen circumstances or problems or challenges, there is need for you to be flexible as each type of solution or planning is needed for its corresponding circumstance or problem.

10)           Consistency is key
In other to be able to properly brainstorm and work towards achieving your goals, there is need for you to determine to always be consistent in achieving them.

11)           Be a problem solver
Proactive people are problem solvers, they constantly spend time looking into challenges or problem with a view to finding ways of solving them and preventing future ones.



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    1. Nice and wonderful write up, we could always make our world, the world a better place and be the change we desire to see in making it better. One don't have to wait till others get it done, and not until one is at the top first before one can get things done. However, following the steps with a right and true mind as stated above, it would surely make life a more beautiful place for you and I. Nevertheless, at times we may feel discouraged or weak about not getting result or uncertainty, but one thing is for sure, we shouldn't fear to fail but we can actually fail to make a turn around success. Cheers!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment and addition, i really appreciate it.

    1. Keep on the good work, and thanks for your words of enouragement to all and as well for making people not to forget the best in them.

  3. adronhomesemmanuel3 November 2015 at 22:48

    great motivating words, i cant but read this page daily. thanks joe

  4. Being proactive is almost always better than being reactive... As always nice one Joe. Keep it up!

  5. @adronhomesemmanuel. thank you so much.

  6. @ Sixtus. thanks so much for reading.