Sunday, 19 April 2015

Happiness (Part 1)

We owe ourselves this, to always be happy as this is our major aim or purpose on earth to achieve that state of happiness always. We can always make ourselves happy even when things or our businesses are not going the way they ought to be going.
Steps that can be taken to make ourselves happy.
1)   Have fun more often
2)   Learn to always smile
3)   Learn not to be disturbed by anything
4)   Try and practice kindness to all the people you meet daily
5)   Spend time relaxing
6)   Learn to appreciate your strengths
7)   Learn to accept yourself the way you are
8)   Forgive yourself of any mistake you might have made in the past
9)   Think about all you have achieved from time to time and feel good about them
10)                 Learn to donate to the needy
11)                 Learn to spend more time being with the people you love and who also love you
12)                 Do all that makes you happy
13)                 Choose to be happy no matter what
14)                 Dedicate and spend more time and energy in your relationships
15)                 Have happy thought planted deep within you
16)                 Spend time exercising
17)                 Spend time to sleep well
18)                 Spend your time wisely
19)                 Have the I CAN spirit within you
20)                 Believe and trust in yourself and in all your abilities always.
Please post your comments or additions and thanks for reading. To be continued in my next post.