Monday, 8 February 2016


Every day we encounter difficult and unreasonable set of people wherever we go to, at work, in our businesses and in life generally. The following are some helpful suggestions on how best to handle this set of people;
1)    Always keep calm.

Decide within yourself that you will always keep calm no matter what anybody does to provoke you or to make you react in a negative way.
This is not actually as easy as it sounds; it takes you to be able to build that self-control you need to achieve this. Before reacting or being angry learn to try to count to ten or even count to 50, by then you will have saved yourself from reacting or saying something you will regret saying to that person.

2)    Be more proactive and less reactive.

Learn not to react to people when they try to make you angry in other to get that negative side of you; instead try to properly understand what exactly is going on
at that time.

3)    Exercise regularly

Engaging in regular exercises can help reduce the rate at which you get angry and increase your level of tolerance. Try taking a walk from time to time .

4)    Have regular breaks

Try as much as possible to observe some breaks at different periods of the day to help reduce whatever stress caused by work, thereby helping in increasing your tolerance levels.

5)    Do more of thinking before speaking

Try to always think of the harmful effect of reacting in a negative manner to people when they try to make you angry. Speak only when you are calm and in a low tone.

6)    Work on yourself

Try to work on yourself, remind yourself that getting angry only worsens situations try as much possible not to get mad at people or situations you find yourself, no matter how they might feel at that point in time.

7)    Never hold grudges

Try to always forgive anybody that wrongs you as often as possible, the truth is that you should never expect people to behave in the same way you will to them to you. Learn to understand and take people for who they are as this will help manage your stress and anger levels.

8)    Smile
A powerful weapon to conquer anger is to always smile as much as possible, smile even more when you are angry to prevent you from actually getting consumed by anger.


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