Wednesday, 25 March 2015


An entrepreneur is one who uses his time, effort, energy, skills and resources in the creation of wealth in such a way that other people can benefit from it, in terms of job creation.

 Qualities of an entrepreneur

1)    They have the ability to communicate effectively
2)    They always want to learn
3)    Always feel a sense of ownership.
4)    They are confident
5)    They are team players
6)    They are always dedicated
7)    They are always Optimistic
8)    They love taking risks
9)    They lead by example
10)  They always have a positive mindset.
11)  They enjoy being around people
12)  They are committed to building a successful business.
13)  They have the ability to manage resources.
14)  They are dependable.
15)  They are proactive.
16)  They are very smart
17)  They are flexible.

Advantages of being an entrepreneur

1)    Prestige and respect is earned by being an entrepreneur.
2)    You will be providing jobs for other people.
3)    You will become a job provider.
4)    Ability to make more profit for yourself.
5)    It creates an opportunity for you to contribute your quota to the growth and development of your country.
6)    You will have more time for yourself, family and other things.



  1. Salam; the points you mentioned are seriously important for a successful career in entreprenariat. Entrepreneurs should be proud of the services they provide to society by helping people finding jobs, but it must not be against humility and principals of humanity. No exploitation should be beared in anyway.

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  2. Okay. Thanks for the comments and additions.

  3. It actually pays to be an entrepreneur.