Monday, 27 April 2015


Bad habits are the major reasons why most people fail in their businesses, families and other aspects of life.

 The kind of habit you indulge in to a great extent determines how successful you will end up in life.

Good habits have the power to take you to that level of success you have always dreamed of achieving in life and in business.

1)    Believe in God and your abilities to succeed.
2)    Be different in you do.
3)    Be very creative in your thinking and all you do.
4)    Be a source of motivation to others.
5)    Have the passion to always succeed in all you do.
6)    Focus on doing something that your competitors are not doing.
7)    Always carve a niche for yourself in whatever you do.
8)    Learn to help people whenever you have the opportunity to.
9)    Learn to always set very high standards which you will achieve from time to time.
10)  Learn to be very smart in all you do, out – smart all your competitors in business.
11)  Learn to focus on what you have to achieve in your business and not the challenges you’ll face.
12)  Avoid any form of distractions and focus on what you want to achieve in life.
13)  Always learn from your mistakes.
14)  Be a good decision maker.
15)  Always ask questions when you need to.
16)  Talk less, do more of planning and execution.
17)  Learn to devout more time to improving your knowledge in your chosen type of business.
18)  Be ready and prepared to learn always.
19)  Watch less of television (TV).
20)  Always try to lead. Be a leader, always set examples for others to follow.
21)  Choose your friends carefully.
22)  Learn to manage your time properly.
23)  Learn to be transparent in all you do.
24)  Always keep to your promises.
25)  Learn to always leave or work outside your comfort zone.
26)  Choose someone that has succeeded in your type of business as your mentor.

In conclusion I sincerely hope you will choose one or more of these habits as I know it be of great help to you.
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