Saturday, 28 February 2015

Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Different ideas about starting your business must have crossed your mind many times. Most people like to wait for “the perfect time”. However, there is no such thing as “the perfect time”. What you need to do is take the risk (calculated risk) and seize the moment to start your business now! Being and becoming an entrepreneur is not easy as there are quite a lot of setbacks and challenges along the way. I will be providing the following points The following points will help you to realize the advantages of you having your own business as soon as possible. The risk is worth taking, don’t waste any, time again just start it!  

Multiple Sources of Income
Being financially independent and not having to rely on anyone to get paid at the end of the month.  

Earning Respect
As an entrepreneur whose business is growing, or has scaled-up, you gain more respect of friends and family members and everyone that comes in contact with you. Then, fulfillment comes in.

Fun filled life
Owing your own business or being an entrepreneur could be very interesting as it comes with day to day challenges with makes your life more interesting, you will no longer live a live on a fast lane.(where all you do is wake up early to work and come back home late in the night and go straight to sleep again, thereby not having time for yourself or to plan your life). It’s the best life anybody could ask for.

More Skills Learnt 
Report writing, oral and written presentation skills, human management skills, business development skills, human development skills, critical thinking or thinking out of the box, decision making, negotiating, sales , marketing skills are some of the skills you will be compelled to learn yourself. The good thing is that all these skills learnt will be used be used throughout your life and most times these skills are not learnt when you are working for someone.

Job Security
When you have a business, the fear of getting sacked is eliminated.

Having your own children will enable you meet a lot of highly placed people from time to time once it becomes successful. These people you will be meeting will help you climb the ladder in due course. Being an entrepreneur makes you to be able to build your network thereby meeting a lot of people. The people you meet actually determine your net worth.

More Productivity 
If you are busy spending time on someone else’s business, wait until you try spending that time on your own business. You will marvel at the level of productivity you will be recording. Since the job is yours, the more time you spend on the job, the more the positive impact you have on your job.

More Creativity 
Not working on your own doesn’t give you the freedom of expressing how creative you are and even if you are given the opportunity to give your creative ideas, they are always not implemented. Unlike when you own your own business, you will be able to put all your ideas and even develop more creative ideas in making your business more successful. Here it’s a case of more creative you are, the more successful you become, thereby leading to that much desired fulfillment in life.
Thus, it is important to realize that most of the successful people on earth own their businesses. If you can become like them, start your own profitable business too. To be continued...



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    Nice write up dear. I am inspired. Keep up the good work

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