Sunday, 21 June 2015

Habits of successful business owners

1)    They are very smart.
2)    They are good risk takers.
3)    They are focused and never give room for distractions.
4)    They are determined.
5)    They listen to their prospective customers with regards to knowing what they want.
6)    They approachable.
7)    They are good time managers.
8)    They are patient.
9)    They are good leaders.
10) They are consistent in all they do.
11)  They are unique in their business.
12)  They learn from their mistakes.
13)  They are doers.
14)  They are reliable.
15)  They are good decision makers.
16)  They have strong networks built from time to time.
17)  They are people of integrity. 
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