Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Steps to make you better everyday(Part 2).


1)    Always see the big picture.

·        Forget the past.
·        Believe in your abilities to succeed.
·        Stretch yourself above your limit.
·        Be focused (fix your eyes on the price).
·        Avoid distractions of any kind.
·        Do all within your powers to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

2)    See the positives about you.

·        Have a positive mindset about you.
·        Stop paying attention to side talks.
·        Learn to appreciate yourself.
·        Build your level of self confidence.
·        Have a positive mindset.

3)    Learn to develop better and healthy relationships.

·        Learn to be the best you can be.
·        Learn to build people with values.
·        Bring the best out of people.
·        Try to build good network.
·        Be good to people.
·        Be polite to all the people you meet.
·        Learn to smile always.

4)    Imbibe and cultivate good habits.

·        Develop and maintain good habits.
·        Learn to always make yourself happy.
·        Welcome criticisms.


5)    Embrace the place where you are. (Be contented with what you have and where you are).

·        Learn to put your trust in God.
·        Focus on your strengths.
·        Never compare yourself with other people.
·        Trust and believe in your skills and abilities to succeed.
·        Be at peace with yourself.

6)    Always make efforts to develop yourself every day.

7)    Always be passionate about life.

·        Be positive about life.
·        Believe that you will move higher in life.
·        Hope for the best.
·        Appreciate your life.

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