Tuesday, 10 March 2015


This has to do with a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. The truth is that, you will think you have been achieving a lot on your own but wait until you discover how much you can achieve with teamwork. Even the word of God says, 1 will chase 1,000 and 2 will chase 10,000. This shows that the level of success achieved as a team is far more than when working alone.

Advantages of teamwork.
1)    More results are achieved.
2)    The act of working together is learnt.
3)    You learn to tolerate other people.
4)    You will build your self confidence level.
5)    You will learn other skills in the process, these are skill needed in life.
6)    The act of sharing generally is learnt. This is possible because in teamwork you have to work together and share your ideas.
7)    The act of being focused is learnt.  Working as a team teaches you how to focus on a given task in other to achieve the common goal together.
8)    You will learn to be disciplined. Working as a team also teaches you how to avoid being distracted till the goal is achieved in the end and to be disciplined in thought and emotions.
9)    Creative thinking is learnt.
10) Critical reasoning is learnt . Ability to think out of the box.
11) The act of being committed is learnt. In teamwork you have to be committed to achieving a common goal.
12) The act of being supportive is learnt.
13) You will become a problem solver.
14) It helps you to improve yourself. To be better than the way you are now.
In all, the list is endless you can add more on your own. You might need answers to questions like, who is a team player?. What qualities should a team player have ?. Do you love teamwork?  Lets have your comments.

You will get answers to these and more soon.


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