Saturday, 14 March 2015

Team player

Who is a team player? He is one of the team members working in a team, doing his part by sharing ideas alongside others to ensure that a common goal is achieved.
            The next question that comes to mind is, what are the qualities of a good team player?. They are;

1)    Mission conscious

2)    Disciplined.( thoughts, actions and emotions )

3)    Focused

4)    Adaptable

5)    Deep and critical thinking

6)    Accommodating

7)    Tolerance

8)    Patience

9)    Competent

10) Dependable

11)  Communicative

12) Committed

13) Collaborative

14) Hardworking

15) Responsibility

16) Solution Oriented

17) Accountability

These are some qualities of a good team player though some of these are learnt while on the team working. You can add your comments, I want to know if you have this qualities of a good team player ?


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