Monday, 2 March 2015

Reasons to Start Your Own Business (Part 2)

As previously discussed, sometimes i hear people say they are waiting for “the perfect time”. start your business now!  These additional points will help you to realize the value of you having your own business.
Proffering Solutions

The main purpose of every business should be to provide for people basic needs people. Simply put, the level of success of a business is a measure of the rate of basic needs that the business provides.. The rate of success you will attain in business is directly proportional to the level of people’s problems you can solve or basic need which you can provide.
 More Time for Yourself
One of the advantages of having your business is the ability to have ample time to plan and ‘live’ your life. When you have your own business, you have more time for yourself, your children and your family. The worst kind of life to live is an unplanned life. Being an entrepreneur gives you more time to properly plan of your whole life, thereby providing freedom for you.
Become an Employer.
There is a special kind of feeling that comes with the fact that you are providing jobs and a source of livelihood for people in the society. In the light of this, by owning your business you provide jobs and a source of livelihood and hope for the people working with you.
Become self-confident.
Being your own boss goes a long way in boosting your level of self confidence. To a large extent, you will be the one to provide the ideas that will lead to the growth of your business. This will help you become a bold and self confident person, whose ideas would be able to build the empire you have always dreamt of. This can happen when your business becomes successful.
Taking Risks
The moment you decide to start up your business, you will need to take learn to risks after all no business can be successful without taking such risks. The growth of your business depends on the level of risks you are willing to take from time to time on the business.
Becoming a Critical Thinker
Here, you have to learn to be critical and creative in your thinking (thinking out of the box) such that you become exceptional in your field.  The beautiful thing is you can use your creative ideas to develop your business and increase the profit margin in your business.
Taking Control of Your Life
This has to do with the ability to take important decisions with as regards how much you want to be worth financially over a period of time. As an employee, one will not be able This is what you will not be able to fully decide on if you are not on your own.

Becoming Known For What You Do
This happens when you become good and subsequently and expert in the products you sell and services you provide
Experiencing Unlimited Success.
Starting might be rough at times but remain calm and focused. In due course, there will be successes in your business and once you start being successful, there is no limit to the the level of success you can attain, unlike when you are working with someone there is a limit to how high up the ladder you can get to in any company that is not yours. Remember, take that leap of faith today.


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