Tuesday, 16 February 2016


  • 1)     Be a giver.

    It simply means that you need to, that is if you have not already started to be a giver of your time, energy to helping other people around you. Believe in using all you have to help people discover themselves.

    2)     Have a clear mind towards people.

    Believe in the good buried in people and always try to find a way to make people rediscover themselves. Find ways of making them realize how wonderful they are and how talented they are, always remind them of this from time to time.

    3)     Learn to be nice to people around you.

    Always be polite to everybody you meet, being nice is very vital as this will help people around you to be able to be more relaxed whenever they are around  you. Dedicate yourself to making people happy and making them see how special they are.

    4)     Be a helper.

    Dedicating yourself to discovering the abilities or hidden talents in people usually takes time. You should be patient enough in other to do this.

    5)     Be approachable.

    Before people can be able to come to you for help, you need to be cheerful and approachable so as not to scare them away. This is very important if you want to help people around you rediscover hidden abilities in them.

    6)     Be an achiever.

    Set very high targets for yourself and ensure you always meet these targets, make yourself an achiever who wants to always be the best in all you do. People will want to be like you and also in a bid to doing this find themselves discovering those inner strengths, skills and abilities in them.

    7)     Be a leader.

    Show the people around you whom you are trying to inspire to knowing that failing is part of learning, that they can only get better with time and that the road to success is actually not as smooth as they think it is.


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