Tuesday, 12 January 2016


The following are some points that will ensure you succeed sooner than you expect in all aspects of your life.

1)    Think Big.

Change the way you think, don’t limit yourself think big. Whatever you can think of, you can achieve. The level of success you will achieve in life would be as a result of your level of thinking.

2)    Always Believe in Yourself.

One of the steps in being successful in all you do in life is to always believe in yourself.

3)    Be Real As Possible.

Try to be yourself as much as possible, try to be real and try not to pretend, know your abilities (what you can do and can’t do).

4)    Know What you are doing. (multitask)

5)    Capitalize on Your Strengths.

Have a list of your strengths and weaknesses, then try as much as possible to capitalize on your strengths.

6)    Go all out (be independent, make your own decisions).

Build your self confidence levels, be independent and be firm when you make your decisions.

7)    Entertain no fear (be fearless).

Remove any element of fear or doubt within you.

8)    Focus on what you do. (Careless of what people say about you)

9)    Pray to God to Guide you.

Learn to have a good praying culture, as God alone can guide you.

10)  Control your emotions.

You have to control your emotions to be able to focus on your plans in other to enable you achieve much success.

11)  Be interested in knowing all that is happening around you.

12)  Change the way you dress and talk.

The way you dress and talk speaks volumes about who you are. Even those you are meeting for the first time will easily have an impression about you, so its left for you to make it a good one. The way you dress determines how you are addressed.

13) Recognize your strong points and use them to your advantage.

You have to study yourself and identify your strong points, know those things you are good at doing and capitalize on them.

14) Consistency is key.

Success is all about consistency, when you do what you are good at doing and you get better each time you do it.

15) Step outside your comfort zone.

16) Take time out every day to reflect on your life.

17)  Have a plan for your life.

A life that is not planned is not worth living; a properly planned life is that which is what living for.

18) Believe more in yourself and your abilities.

19)  Appreciate yourself the way you are.

Always appreciate who you are, what you have and all your achievements.

20)  Set targets for yourself and celebrate your achievements whenever you meet these set targets.

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