Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Achieving Personal Excellence

1)    Learn to build a strong prayer and spiritual life.

2)    Learn to work on and build your inter personal relationships skills.

3)    Try to rediscover yourself, know your winning edge and use it to your advantage.

4)    Learn to choose wisely the type of friends you move with.

5)    Never generalize on issues.

6)    Learn to forgive easily.

7)    Don’t ever dwell in the past, always learn to move on.

8)    Never take anything for granted, pay attention to the tiniest detail.

9)    Learn to do the right thing no matter what situation you are faced with.

10) Always speak the truth no matter what.

11) Conquer your fears.

12) Learn to do what you do in such a way that nobody else can.

13)Take that bold step to go the extra mile.

14) Don’t ever limit your thoughts or your abilities.

15) Everything is possible all you need to do is think it and you can achieve it.

16) Build very strong human management ability.

17)  Work on your weaknesses with a view to turning them to your strengths.

18)  Make it a habit to always find time to develop yourself.

19)  Learn to make good decisions.

20)  Learn to dress properly.

21) Be polite to everybody you come in contact with.

22) Be bold and be sure about all you are doing.

23) Believe in yourself always.


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