Tuesday, 29 September 2015


1)      Scientific thinking

Here the venture ideas here are considered from a scientific point of view under the following;

a)      Proper observation needs to be carried out on any idea gotten; i.e proper research as to be carried out.

b)      The idea being generated must be properly understood and it has to be in relation to science.

c)       The data on the problem to be solved must be critically understood and examined.

d)      Venture ideas are subjected to change

e)      Inquiries are carried out on the problem to be solved and the venture ideas generated in relation to science.


 2) Mathematical thinking
Here the problem is critically examined with a view to providing venture ideas based on statistics on ground. You will have to consider a lot of graphs, charts and statistical data and the basic mathematics training is used.

 3) Analytic thinking

              Here the idea , information or data generated are critically examined and broken down into different smaller units.

  4) Synthesis

              This involves where all the venture ideas are broken down into different parts and later put together, considered and studied based on how they can as a whole solve a major problem.

 5) Critical thinking

              This has to do with focusing on a particular problem, trying to examine if the idea generated can really solve the problem in question and to what level.

  6) Creative thinking

              This focuses on the problem with a view to providing a unique idea that will help resolve a major problem. In other words, it involves thinking to be able to solve a problem in a unique way. This involves thinking to invent, mainly used in projects.

It involves;

Understanding the problem

Brainstorming to generate venture ideas

Gathering all the venture ideas generated

Categorizing the venture ideas generated into sections

Evaluating the venture ideas generated to know the ones that will be useful in relation to the problems

 7) Judgement

This as to do with choosing out of the pool of venture ideas the specific on that will be used in solving the given problems in consideration and discarding the ones that are not important.

   8) Decision making

It involves the following steps;

1)     Think of the problem
Here you have to consider the problem that needs to be solved.
2)     Get all the venture ideas you can get on solving the problem you have chosen to work on.                    

 3)     Find other ways of analyzing the problem you need to make a decision on.
4)     Try looking for alternatives venture ideas
Check if there are other venture ideas apart from the one you have chosen that can fit in perfectly in solving the problem.
5)     Analyze these alternative venture ideas if you have any.
Consider how you will execute them and what will be involved in doing it that.
6)     Choose the better and safer option.
7)     Take the decision and act on the selected option.

    9) Strategic thinking

It is related to ways of setting goals, being proactive, generating effective venture ideas, examining potential future risks with a view to proving solutions for a particular problem. It involves;

a)      Using past data, critically examining them and projecting into the future to see what necessary changes need to be effected.

b)      Helping to properly standout in the midst of competition if properly carried out.

c)       Being and thinking ahead at all times.

d)      Making best use of any available opportunity at any time.

 10) Problem solving

         Focusing all the venture ideas towards solving different problems.

        Choose the problem you want to solve.

         Understand the problem fully.

         Carry out a proper analysis on the problem; to what extent does the problem affect sales and profit?

         Write down possible venture ideas and suggestions on how to solve the problem.

          Critically examine all the venture ideas available.

          Choose the idea that best solves the problem and that is cost effective.

          The idea chosen is then used to solve the problem.

          Try to learn from how the option was created and applied to solving the problem.


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