Thursday, 16 July 2015


Stress is an essential part of life, each day the level of stress you encounter actually helps to bring out more results from you.
The more you are stressed the more tendency there is that you will bring out the best in you, thus making you more productive. Regrettably stress is also harmful to the body when it is more than the acceptable level. The following are some suggestions as to how to properly manage excessive levels of stress in the system;

  Drinking a lot of water.

Drinking water from time to time helps to reduce the effect of stress in the body system thereby calming your nerves thus making you feel relaxed even in the midst of stress.

  Exercising regularly.

When you exercise regularly, it helps to make you relax thereby helping to relax your body.

  Taking deep breaths

When you take deep breaths, it helps you in reduce the level of stress in your body system.

  Delegating duties.

Learn to divide all activities for the day among all those working with you that way you will achieve more with less stress. When you try to do everything all by yourself you might not be able to achieve much and you will also end up being stressed more than you can imagine.

  Managing your time properly.

By practicing good habits of proper time management you will never have a lot of work or tasks piled up for you to do. When you don’t procrastinate it help you to avoid any stressful circumstances at work or at home.

  Knowing when you are going beyond what you have the strength to do.

Setting boundaries for yourself will help you in knowing when to say no, just in case you are giving tasks that you can’t achieve or handle.

  Setting reasonable targets for yourself.

When you set unreasonable targets or goals for yourself you will end up stressing yourself which can have a negative effect on your level of productivity.

  Taking walks or strolls.

  Trying to talk to yourself about not getting stressed up no matter what or the situation at hand.

  Listening to music.

Listening to music often also helps to reduce stress levels in the body system.


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